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Colorados Oldest Promotora  Program

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Building Inspiring Spaces

Sisters of Color United for Education (SOCUE) is a grassroots organization founded in 1989 by Professor Belinda Garcia and over the last twenty-seven years the organization has evolved to include men, LGBTQ, youth and elders, from multiple cultural backgrounds. Utilizing a human liberation and social justice framework, Promotoras have evolved from providing educational trainings and basic needs to building capacity of leaders to address economic, cultural, political and social barriers. This unique framework includes intersectionality of economics, race, class, and gender as attributing factors to the disproportionately high incidence of chronic illness and disease in people of color communities.

Remembering that community health is adaptive, we organically created innovative opportunities to create solutions. Communities who access SOCUE’s services face a number of barriers at multiple levels that cannot be treated through isolated or static interventions, or a one size fits all model. Our holistic training model includes taking into consideration sexual identity, immigration status, economic, language and cultural barriers that have often

been overlooked in mainstream organizations leading to poorer health outcomes in disenfranchised communities. Socioeconomic status has a marked influence on health, and race/ethnicity and income are inextricably intertwined (Institute of Medicine, 2012).


Let us weave together spaces manifest and co-create wellness mind, body and spirit.


The Promotoras program has been created by passionate, motivated human beings that all have something in common. They are heart centered, believe that there should be equity and justice for all people, and they are inspired to promote change from the out side in and from the inside out. SOCUE represents the people in our communities, we work towards the health in the community, and we do so by trying “to be the change we want to see in the world” as well as engaging with the systems who want to impose there change on us.

Promotoras Program ha sido creada por gente motivada y apasionada que tienen algo en común. Ellos están centrados en el corazón, y creen en la igualdad y justicia para toda la gente, y también están inspirados a promover cambio fe afuera hacia adentro y de adentro hacia fuera. SOCUE representa a la gente en nuestras comunidades, trabajamos hacia la salud de nuestra comunidad, y lo hacemos por tratando de “ser el cambio que deseamos ver en el mundo” al igual a enganchar con los sistemas que quieren imponer sus cambios en nosotros.

Promotoras y Promtor@s

Ella es una Fuerza

“Sisters and I create and cultivates Promotoras because Promotras put semillas around the world.  Because la semilla es de palabra.  En la palabra es change the world.”

Belem Gonzalez : Directora de Promotoras

“As a Promoter of health, I believe it is necessary to coordinate cultural activities and ceremonies as well as
providing philosophy and Indigenous worldview education.”

Daniel Stange . • Director of Mobilization

“Creativity, love and culture reflect our wholostic ways to co-create with wellness to individuals, families and communities – locally and globally.”

Adrienna Lujan Corrales : Executive Director

Trusted Partners & Collaborators

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