Curanderismo & BodyTalk

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Co-creating wellness through Corazon cura Corazon “Heart heals Heart”.  

Curanderismo is a philosophy of holistic healing. There are several aspects of Curanderismo

physical, spiritual and mental.  They are not separate but in concert with each other they are whole they are all part of a human being.

Learning and/or experiencing Curanderismo

The most exciting thing about studying culture, tradition, language, history and the tradition of curanderismo are the multiple points of view from where they can be examined. Fifty people can read the same book, article, or listen to an oral presentation and come away with fifty different points of view.   Because everyone has a different lens, they have developed over the years.

I would venture to say a multiple perspective yields multiple realities. This is what I have observed for many years as I age and develop into my identity.