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Sisters of Color Community Participants and affiliates.


Meet Our Team

We are a team of Promotor@ program committed to helping build leadership with individuals, families, and communities.

Adrienna Lujan
Ella es una Fuerza
Belem Gonzales
Daniel Stang
Valeria Burciaga
Stanley Velasquez

Executive Director

Adrienna Corrales Lujan

Co-Creating wellness

Adrienna Corrales Lujan has developed innovative culturally responsive  spaces, programs and services from conceptualization to implementation. National consultant and Promotora, her experience incorporates mental, physical and spiritual wellness into cultivating Health, Education, Art and Leadership.
As an Indigenous Xicana her lens for change utilizes dynamic systems and unified field theory to co-create and inspire change within individuals and groups.

Promotor@ Director

Corazon Cura Corazon

Heart Heals

Educational Director Promotor@. Belem Gonzalez has worked for SOCUE for 17 years building up training curriculums and capacity blending medical field and community work to bridge people with better health.
In addition to providing crucial support services to SISTERS she is an expert in the following trainings and subjects: Mind, Body and Spirit, & La Vida Balanceada.
Belem is bilingual and has worked internationally.

Mobilizing Director

StoryTeller, Connector

Always Willing

Danny Stange is the Mobilization Director of SOCUE. Working 10 years alongside Promotor@s to cultivate community and revitalize the native roots of heritage and communion. Mastery of unconditional love are his chosen tools to bridging relationships and restoring justice.
His connection to Native spirituality provokes holistic health and seeks to balance the forces of society that generate equity and communion. His curious nature will always bring a much needed voice to the table.

Case Manager

Thinker. Planner.

Organizing and Assisting

Valeria is brilliant, awesome and beautiful!  I am going to leave this up on the website until she gives me her bio.  😀      Valeria is a bilingual Case Manager and co-creates wellness plans with people living with HIV/AIDS.  She is thoughtful and thorough, always willing to take one-step at a time with participants to assure they are successful. Her kindness is matched by her understanding of systems and her thoughtful presence.

HIV Screens & PrEP


Cultivating Knowledge

Stanley can be like a ray of sunshine. He can dance, he can be a thoughtful ear, and will always give a fresh perspective. His professional Ballerino training in the Dominican Replublic gives Stanley a unique perspective of the LGHTQ experiences bring a spicy flavor, una sabor to teaching people how to do LatinX dance, but also how to take care of their bodies and HIV testing.  He’s also a student and a stunning linguist!!

Our Collaborators & Parnters Say

“I have worked closely with Adrienna and her creative team on different arts-based projects. Her organization is my go-to agency for top-line quality work with a social conscience.  The creative work from Heal Denver is innovative and thought-provoking. If you seek mind- and life-altering arts-based community health workshops, then Heal Denver is the right place.”

Marty Otañez, PhD • Associate Professor, Anthropology Department University of Colorado, Denver


We provide culturally responsive consulting & training for individual, groups & organizations.

Health Equity & Inclusion

Need help imagining, creating or refining a project group or organization using an inclusive and equitable model? Our specialty is addressing the Social Determinants of Health in tandem with structural and institutional frameworks.

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Free HIV, STI Screen & link to PrEP

Know your status with a 10 min screen. Screens are confidential, free and you receive a gift card.

Get Tested Today!

If you know your status, you be connected to care, and help enhance your quality of life. Get resources to prevent HIV up to 96% with PrEP.

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Curanderismo & BodyTalk

co-creating wellness through Indigenous & innovative practices.

Cultural Wellness

Corazon cura corazón. Experience options for wellness as an individual or group.

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Home & Office Health Party

We bring the wellness directly to you in the comfort of your home.

We Come to You!

We believe there is a Promotora in every home & we work with you to provide wellness options to your family & friends.

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Building Inspiring Spaces

Cultivating safe spaces and Promotoras to defend the wellness of the community, Mind, Body, and Spirit.